Becoming successful in the business world does not just happen by chance, nor can it be simply learned from a textbook. Image Factor, Inc., guided by founder Beverly Washington, teaches you from empirical experience and real-life understanding. If you are looking for that edge to make you stand out above the competition, then Image Factor, Inc., has the seminars for you.


All of the topics addressed by Beverly Washington will help boost your corporate image, empower you with leadership knowledge, and develop intricate business protocols which will enable you to achieve success!

Leadership Training Seminar 

Self-Awareness Development

  • Discover and learn to manage the stressors that deplete your energy.
  • Incorporate management skills that improve your use of time.
  • Learn what you can do to manage negativity.
  • Discover the tools that can help you take charge of your life and be empowered.

 Professional Image Development

  • Create a memorable, professional style when designing your particular “look of success.”
  • Present with power and persuasion while inspiring audiences with poise and professionalism.



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    Keynote Speaking 

    Beverly Washington has been a keynote speaker for various corporations throughout the United States and abroad. She is available to speak for your next convention or company meeting.

    Business Protocol and Etiquette

    • Artful Conversation: Learn fun techniques to get you included in conversations.
    • Dine with Grace: Learn how to avoid social faux pas that can cost you the deal.
    • Telephone Etiquette: Learn techniques that keep you alert and decrease telephone tag.
    • Email Etiquette: Enhance your on-screen image with writing tips.

    Interpersonal Skills

    • Learn the necessary skills for improved customer satisfaction.
    • Learn how to improve verbal and non-verbal language to help eliminate miscommunication.
    • Learn how to effectively manage difficult people and uncomfortable situations.