Image Factor, Inc.
A Reflection of Business Success

Welcome to Image Factor, Inc. Guided by president and founder Beverly D. Washington, Image Factor, Inc., is a leading source for the enhancement of business proficiency and intelligence. No matter your corporate venture, Beverly can instill confidence, teach principles, and aid in the influence of sales to help develop your business and construct the foundation for success.

Through various professional seminars, Beverly prudently instructs from real-life experience of working effectively within the corporate realm:

  • Leadership Training Seminars
  • Professional Image Development
  • Keynote Speaking
  • And More …

Stop The Drama

Beverly does a weekly local television cable show, “Stop the Drama,” which informs and coaches viewers on how to live successfully in today’s world. The half hour of inspiration and information airs on CAN TV. Check your local program guide to find out how easy it is to meet her via television.

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Beverly Washington’s book entitled DON’T CALL ME “BEV”! comes to your rescue with “rudeness survival tips,” encouraging us to deal constructively with rudeness. After all, the author says, “If we don’t address these annoyances, we will internalize the frustration, and that can lead to stress.” Beverly advises us to be proactive in such situations, but without retaliation. She tells us how to gracefully take control!

The motivation for DON’T CALL ME “BEV”! comes from day-to-day experiences in which Ms. Washington noticed that certain individuals are oblivious to the need for societal courtesies. She realized that certain people use rudeness as a way to get what they want, or, conversely, as a way of avoidance. The author eventually came to the conclusion that such individuals will try to get away with as much as they can, and it’s up to the rest of us to try and stop them from doing so. We must protect ourselves physically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Beverly Washington has a clear, strong message: It’s critical to speak up, to let go, and, in some cases, to move on. We can maintain a healthy sense of self by deciding how much we are willing to take from others, as the author succinctly puts it in the title of the book, DON’T CALL ME “BEV”!